My goal is to make a difference in the world!

Coming from a background in electronics and electrical engineering I gained a broad knowledge in science, software development and applied statistics.

Data Scientist

bayesian statistics, nested sampling, mcmc, python, machine learning

Physics Student

statistics, computational physics, nanoelectronics, renewable energies

Full Stack Developer

Django, Flask, Celery, JavaScript, Docker, Nginx, GO, PostgreSQL

About Me

I’m specializing my master in biophysics in the field of statistics, green energy and sustainability. I would like to use the knowledge I gained in data analysis, machine learning and statistical modelling to bring a change to the world and fight climate change. Therfore I’m interested in all positions amongst those fields.

I’m skilled in data science, software development (full stack), machine learning, hardware design and electrical engineering.

I love to write code, preferably in python but I have also used other languages in my projects (Java Script, Java, GO, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS).
I’m fluent in English, German and Spanish and I’m studying French at the moment.

PLEASE DO NOT sent me offers in the arms and defence industry as this goes strictly against my ethics!